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Copies orders directly from investment guru. 3 different merchandiser trading models create a win-win trading environment for MSG's more than 127,000 merchandisers and clients. .

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How to become an investment Expert? How do I become a merchandiser?

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* Once you become an investment expert, you will not be able to enjoy the documentary service

3 major selection of merchandising mode, free choice

Merchandising is open to all users

Fixed the documentary

Order goods by investment expert fixed 1 trade

Example: investment expert orders 10 lots of gold, single user will follow the fixed order 1 lot of gold

Proportional tracking

According to the investment expert's order capital to account capital ratio trade

Example: investment expert uses 10% of the funds to place an order on a U.S. stock commodity, followed by 10% of the funds to place an order on a U.S. stock commodity.

Custom tracking

Goods and time placed by investment experts free adjustment of hand proportion

Example: investment expert orders 10 lots of a cryptocurrency product, single user can adjust the number of orders of a cryptocurrency product

More merchandising modes will be added in the future

* Erratic performance can also occur when a trader is in a poor state or during particular market conditions. In fact, all merchandising is not guaranteed to be profitable. It should be seen as a way to spread risk, as a reference to entry and exit, or even as a reminder of the market. When it comes to trading, the onus is on investors to take a position based on their own judgment. MSG Magson Group will not be responsible for losses caused by the documentary exchange.

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Merchandising Advantages

Help others share profit strategies
Share investment achievements to build popularity
Save time studying or watching the market
Diversification strategy to diversify risk
Freedom to develop merchandising strategies
Investment expert data at a glance.

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