Personal Agent Cooperation Program

Immediately become our partner and enjoy unlimited personal agency rewards. As long as the users you recommend continue to trade, you can earn rewards. Since there is no cap on the amount of reward you can earn, the amount of reward you can earn depends entirely on the number of trades you invite.

Simple steps to start

Receive personal agent reward

Register Account

Become a real user


Deposit more than $1,000 + number of trades more than 0

Get Badges

Share your personal proxy badge


Invitees trade, you profit

Commission rebate calculation

When the invitees conduct transactions, MSG Maisheng Group will pay commissions to the individual agents and invitees, so that the invitees can automatically and steadily make profits in the long run

Individual agent: 70%
Invitees: 30%

commission reward acquisition process

Invite more, reward more

例子一: 受邀人交易15.5手黃金

15.5 (手) * 10 USD (返佣) * 70% = 108.5 USD

15.5 (手) * 10 USD (返佣) * 30% = 46.5 USD

例子二: 受邀人交易20手比特幣

假設比特幣的成交價格是16,890.80 USD (成交價格),每手合約量為1個

16,890.80 USD (成交價格) * 1 (每手合約量) * 20 (手) * 0.048% * 70% = 113.51 USD

16,890.80 USD (成交價格) * 1 (每手合約量) * 20 (手) * 0.048% * 30% = 48.65 USD


Immediately become the personal agent of MSG Maisheng Group

Easily earn $2,000 per month




10 USD(返佣)



1,400 USD

假設比特幣的成交價格是16,890.80 USD


16,890.80 USD(成交價格)






1,135.06 USD


1,400 USD + 1,135.06 USD = 2,535.06 USD


7 Advantages of becoming a personal Agent

additional passive income

There is no limit to the agency award
Two-tier award payment System
Instant Reward Payment System
Promotional Material Production Support
Perfecting the Agent Interface
Attract customers with regular activities
Exclusive Manager Support assistance


Compliance to disclose

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